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Back from Minnesota

jp_sw_mn_tireswing09Last Thursday we flew up to Minnesota for an extended weekend visiting relatives.  The boys had lots of fun riding the tire swing at Uncle Nick and Aunt Bernie’s, and visiting with cousins Ben, Sarah and Katie in St. Cloud.  Then it was on to Mazeppa to introduce Grace to Great-Grandma Marie, then back to the cities to see Cousin Linda at a really cool play area in Woodbury’s “Central Park” facility.  Upstairs is a library, indoor amphitheater and “nature trail” with shrubs, trees and waterfalls, and downstairs is a play area with slides and climbing walls.  Neat.

The weather was unseasonably cool, and we even got snow…twice!  The boys were excited to swim in the hotel pool while watching the snow falling just outside the windows.

We flew United for the first time and it went pretty well, even if I wasn’t too impressed with either landing on the way back.  I figure the pilots were ex-military and used to having all their passengers jump out before bringing the plane home.  On the plus side, the flight attendants gave the boys pilot’s wings, which I thought only happened in the movies.  They went over almost as well as the new harmonicas Great Grandma gave them.  In fact, they asked if they could play them on the flight home, but I figured we’d get enough dirty looks just for having a baby along.

Speaking of which, Grace did great on the trip, charming everyone as usual and showing tremendous patience with the many disruptions to her usual routine.  She’s glad to be back home, as we all are.

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