My name is Jason Peter. Jason because my parents liked the name (and the old Greek myths) and Peter after my great-grandpa on my Mommy's side.

I live with my parents in Virginia, but I have lots of relatives all over the country. I love to go visit them and it's great when they come to see me. I'm really lucky to have five grandparents and two great-grandmas to help spoil me!

I like to do cool Cub Scout stuff, read "Encyclopedia Brown" and "Magic Treehouse" books, play "Bakugan," solve problems in my math workbooks, do electrical experiments with my "Snap Circuits" and watch Wipeout on TV. Oh, and play the Wii! A lot! I'm good at riding a scooter, I'm learning to ride a bike, and once a week I play sports on an indoor soccer field. My little brother Scott is my best friend, and we have lots of fun playing together and spoiler our little sister, Grace.

People tell me I'm cute, and I guess it's true because Daddy is always taking pictures of me...a lot of them are here for you to enjoy. Also, Daddy writes down some of my adventures and keeps them here! I've got a camera, too, so now I'm taking my own pictures. Check them out.

Come and see me again some time!