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Baby Jason Is Here!

Laura and I got quite a surprise on April 15 when baby decided to show up three weeks early! After a quick trip to the hospital, we were blessed with a relatively short labor (about 10 hours), a great doctor and nurse, a minimum of pain (according to Laura!) and most of all, a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Our son was born at 3:33 pm, which together with being three weeks early to the day seems a sure tip-off to what his lucky number will be. We’d decided early on to let ourselves be surprised by the sex of the baby, and although we’d long since settled on a girl’s name, we were still debating a boy’s name until literally the last minute. As an exercise to keep Laura’s mind off her aches, we made one last run through the alphabet, trying to come up with a good boy’s name for each letter. We’d only got about halfway through when the pushing started, and as soon as Laura saw the baby’s face, she decided he looked like a Jason (one of our favorite names for months, anyway).

Years ago we decided to give our first son the middle name “Peter,” in honor of Laura’s much-loved late grandfather. So the baby’s full name is Jason Peter Morefield. The day after he was born, the hospital photographer took an official photo for announcements, shown here.

Jason scored very well on the APGAR tests (8 and 9) and got a clean bill of health, so we headed home two days later and set about getting him settled in.

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