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A game of H_NGM_N with Jason

Last night I played a really fun game of Hangman with Jason. I should explain a couple things first. One is that at the age of 3 and a half, Jason can already read and write on a 2nd-grade level, and the other is that by now he’s lived long enough with allergies to know the names of a lot of meds.

Hangman is a favorite game of Jason’s, but as with most 3 year olds, he doesn’ t like to lose, so I usually help him along with hints, like “why don’t you guess a vowel” and so on.

Anyway, last night it went something like this:

“Let’s play Hangman, Daddy.”
“Here’s a hint: The word is ‘Sudafed.'”
“Yes, that’s quite a hint.”

Suffice to say it was a short round of Hangman. Which prompted a second:

“Let’s play again.”
“It’s going to be Sudafed again.”

I explained that I liked my games a little more challenging, so we went a third round:

“This is going to be a different word.”
“Umm…does ‘Haunted‘ have seven letters?”

Gotta love that kid.

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