Baby Face

Yesterday Laura and I went in for another ultra-sound (number eight!) and this time you could see a lot more. Not too surprising I guess, with only six weeks to go.

Anyway I keep finding myself saying stupid things like, “it’s got a little nose!” And of course, one would hope it did, along with, for instance, little eyes and a little mouth and various other little parts. But hearing such mindless pronouncements come out of my mouth, it’s beginning to sink in that I’m probably going to be one of those parents, forever prattling on about the kid and whatever adventures it’s gotten into, boring people with photos and stories that could only possibly interest myself and Laura. As if ours is the first kid to walk, talk, or make a funny face.

But it will be the first kid of ours to do it, and I suppose in the end that’s enough.

Baby’s Coming

Last week Laura and I took a tour of the Labor and Delivery area at the hospital. It’s starting to sink in that we’ll actually be having a kid in a little more than a month. Meanwhile what was our guest room is filling up with a crib, bouncy chair and other baby regalia, while the back seat of the Buick already has a car seat in place. Strange to think how much stuff this kid has and it isn’t even here yet.

I put together a page for Laura’s mom where I could post photos and other goodies related to baby, and then I decided to pretty it up a bit so anyone interested could poke around.

UltraSound: 18 weeks

On Dec. 10, Laura and I went in for an ultrasound and got a peek at our first child, now 18 weeks along. The little rascal was very active, covering its face, kicking and wiggling, but eventually they got a couple of clear shots.

Ultra-sounds look like black and white negatives in motion, but below, I’ve reversed the black and white areas to give a clearer idea of what’s going on. The image at left is face on, with the baby’s mouth open in a yawn and the left hand held up at head level. This angle gives what the technician calls the standard “Alien shot.” On the right is a profile of the baby looking up and to the right, with a clear outline of the nose and forehead. Here it’s much more clearly a human baby and not an ET. In fact the kid looks more “human” at this point than some ultra-sounds we’ve seen of babies even further along. Which is good news, as far as we’re concerned…if we’re going to be bragging about how cute this kid is, looking human is kind of a prerequisite.