Guns + Kids = Fun

From the days when boys were allowed to be boys, here’s a wild TV commercial for the Dick Tracy “Tommy Burst” machine gun and detective set. “You Can Tell It’s Mattel: It’s Swell!”

Nowadays of course, the liberal wetnurses running America have torpedoed anything remotely as fun, although Mattel is still managing to make dangerous toys, bless ’em. But be honest, wouldn’t you rather expire manfully from a “safe” bullet in the eye than go out like a punk, licking lead paint off a “Press-N-Go Elmo”?

A Pair of Jokers

Although this clip has a bit of age on it now (it was taken over a year ago), it’s one of my favorites as it captures perfectly the relationship of Jason and Scott, who each will try any stupid thing in the book to make the other one laugh. Back when this was shot, Scotty was too young to even have a vocabulary per se, but he could yell, so that’s what he did.

[flashvideo filename=video/eatnscream.flv /]