Best. Video. Ever.

No, seriously. Might as well lock down Youtube now and call it quits.

In this video, we finally understand the secret behind William Shatner’s…erm…unique speech patterns. Obviously he hears music the rest of us aren’t privy to.

Watch as The Shat reveals Captain Kirk’s true love. Having proven himself too much man for any woman, Kirk unleashes his manly charms on a mountain. That’s right, a mountain.

Flynn’s Won the War

During my recuperation, I’ve been enjoying my new box set of Errol Flynn westerns and getting back in touch with my inner Flynn fan.

Just for fun, here’s a clip from the star-studded “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” which gave Flynn a rare opportunity to show off his skills as a song-and-dance man. It also pokes good-natured fun at Flynn’s on-screen image as an action-hero and his off-screen reputation as a…well let’s say a champion fibber. To his credit, though, Flynn seems to be enjoying the spoof more than anyone.

Til There Was You…

Jason and Scott are big Beatle fans, which isn’t too surprising given they live in our house, but it is kind of unusual that they’ve picked “Til There Was You” as a favorite song, over something more kid-friendly like “Yellow Submarine” or “Drive My Car.”

Here the boys try out their rendition of this classic love song, originally written for “The Music Man.” You remember that group “Beatlemania” that dressed and sang like the real Fab Four and were supposedly so good they had to use the tagline “not the real Beatles but an incredible simulation”? Well, this ain’t them.

[flashvideo filename=video/beatlemania1.flv /]