Hey, I Won Something!

It’s not every day I win something, so I was excited when Rick over at “Mail It To Team Up” chose a banner I enterted in his contest to choose a new title graphic for his comics blog.

As winner, I get the banner displayed for two weeks (maybe longer if he really likes it, who knows?) and a copy of the new DVD, “DC Superheroes: The Filmation Adventures,” featuring 60s-era cartoons of Green Lantern, The Flash, Atom, Hawkman and the Justice League. Hopefully it’ll be something I can watch with the kids (we’re out of Adam West Batman episodes!).

Anyway, here’s the winning entry:

Thanks for letting me play, Rick! Now if my luck just holds with this lottery ticket, I’m all set…

Another Art Project

I’m still trying to learn how to work the new Wacom tablet, so I moved on to a slightly more complicated project than last time.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Six Million Dollar Man (mostly because the new Bionic Woman is such a letdown.  Universal, get those old shows on DVD fast!!) so I tried my hand at Steve Austin, Astronaut.

Rather than kill myself trying to make this thing photo-realistic I decided to keep it simple and fairly abstract.  It started looking “iconic,” like one of those images used to promote a fan club or something, so I added the frame and legend to suggest a vintage pinback…or whatever.

Anyway, here it is.  If nothing else, I’ve learned a few things.  Hopefully this stuff will just get better as I go.