Scott’s Heroes

Some time ago, I posted images of Scott’s self-created superheroes Fireflash and Tongueman. Well, lately he’s been at it again.

I gather Fireflash is his signature character, as he’s still a frequently drawn subject and the recent recipient of a nifty costume upgrade, as seen here:


I’m digging the mask and the cocky smirk that marks Fireflash as a wiseguy hero in the Spider-Man mold.  Also I have to say he’s nicely color-coordinated with that orange and brown scheme, and I like the lightning bolt weapons that make him seem almost Zeus-like.

The only potential trouble area is the ear pieces.  To me, they look like decorative lightning bolts or possibly functional Tesla coils, but Laura interpreted them as tufts of hair, giving Fireflash a Larry Fine vibe I’m fairly certain Scott didn’t intend (though he is a Stooges fan, so who knows?).  Also it’s a bit troubling that our hero seems to be stomping some kid’s baseball bat into pieces.

Next up is this awesome action shot of “Laser Lad” punching out a bad guy:


As a fan of the Composite Superman, I’m a sucker for the bifurcated look in comic characters, and Scott pulls it off nicely here by keeping it down to just three colors, artfully applied if I do say so myself.  Actually, it’s interesting how much he reminds me of the Golden Age Daredevil, considering I know for a fact Scott’s never seen him.


Hey, if you’re going to be a comic artist, you could do a lot worse than to be on the same wavelength as the great Jack Cole.  Also, why has no one else ever used “PUNCH!” as a sound effect?  It’s the ultimate onomatopoeia, yet totally neglected.  Too obvious, I guess.  Again, if I have a criticism at all, it’s that Laser Lad should pick on someone closer to his own size.

Then we have The Unknown:


Now, normally you’d associate a name like “the Unknown” with capes and hoods and lots of shadows; you know, stuff that suggests mysticism or at least intrigue.  In this case, I guess what’s unknown is why this guy has a Dr Octopus-like tentacle coming out of his skull, not to mention a second one in easily the most unfortunate location possible.  I can just hear him now, crowing in his best villain voice, “Beware the awesome power of my Third Leg!”  I notice the “coloring” job on this one almost looks more like an attempt to rub out the image, so maybe Scott took a step back and said, “What was I thinking?”

Finally we have Double Brain.  This is the only one I actually asked Scott about, because I couldn’t figure out the meaning of “Juble Brian.”


Apparently, Double Brain is not the masked character in the foreground but the flying figure in the distance, breaking up a robbery attempt. Notice the bandit’s mask is tied off in the back; a nice touch.  Not sure what’s in his right hand, though: rubber bands or pickles?

I can’t remember what my drawings looked like at age 6, but I’m thinking Scott’s already ahead of where I was, then.  It’ll be cool if he keeps it up.  And even if he doesn’t, he’s already making more interesting comics than 95% of what’s on the stands today.

Another Art Project

I was doodling on the boys’ “magic paper” one day and came up with a Batman caricature I kind of liked, so I sketched a thumbnail, then did a bigger version in a sketchbook and went over it with one of those groovy new brush pens Laura’s mom picked me up in Ohio.

It worked out pretty well, so I ended up doing a Robin and four bat-villains in the same style, eventually painting them in acrylic to hang in the boys’ room. With their blessing, we took the Pooh paintings I’d done before and moved them over to the baby’s room as a gift from her big brothers. Here’s a photo of how the Dynamic Duo turned out, with a batmobile thrown in for good measure:

Batman and Robin painting

We hung them over the boys’ dresser, surrounded by the nefarious members of the United Underworld:

United Underworld

Just to make the occasion more special, Laura topped it off by making t-shirts with craft paint, using the Batman and Robin art as a model. As you can see, it went over well:


Now I’m back to what I’d meant to do in the first place, which was practice more with the Wacom tablet using a scan of the original sketch. Here’s what I’ve whipped up in Photoshop so far:

Hey, I Won Something!

It’s not every day I win something, so I was excited when Rick over at “Mail It To Team Up” chose a banner I enterted in his contest to choose a new title graphic for his comics blog.

As winner, I get the banner displayed for two weeks (maybe longer if he really likes it, who knows?) and a copy of the new DVD, “DC Superheroes: The Filmation Adventures,” featuring 60s-era cartoons of Green Lantern, The Flash, Atom, Hawkman and the Justice League. Hopefully it’ll be something I can watch with the kids (we’re out of Adam West Batman episodes!).

Anyway, here’s the winning entry:

Thanks for letting me play, Rick! Now if my luck just holds with this lottery ticket, I’m all set…

Another Art Project

I’m still trying to learn how to work the new Wacom tablet, so I moved on to a slightly more complicated project than last time.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Six Million Dollar Man (mostly because the new Bionic Woman is such a letdown.  Universal, get those old shows on DVD fast!!) so I tried my hand at Steve Austin, Astronaut.

Rather than kill myself trying to make this thing photo-realistic I decided to keep it simple and fairly abstract.  It started looking “iconic,” like one of those images used to promote a fan club or something, so I added the frame and legend to suggest a vintage pinback…or whatever.

Anyway, here it is.  If nothing else, I’ve learned a few things.  Hopefully this stuff will just get better as I go.