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Welcome to davidmorefield.com! Here you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about David Morefield, but were afraid to ask. Like, for example, “Who’s David Morefield?”

Well, for starters, I’m someone with sufficient hubris to put a “dot-com” behind his name, so that should tell you something right off the bat. I originated this site as a means to advertise my work as a freelance writer on web- and print-based projects, and also as a showcase for some of the web design work I’ve done over the years. Over time, it became more of an on-line journal for me, first in an early version of Movable Type, later powered by Blogger and now a product of Word Press. Here you’ll find my thoughts on news and happenings that interest me, as well as updates on my kids and personal life.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve worked on a wide variety of advertising/marketing projects including direct mail packages, newsletters, magazine ads, bouncebacks, and so on. Much of my writing has been done for the Web. As a co-founder of the (now demised) James Bond fansite “Mr. KissKiss BangBang,” I wrote lots of articles examing the world of 007. One of them, dealing with Bond’s connections to early 20th century pulp literature was reprinted in the January 2002 issue of the British magazine, “Thriller UK.” (If you’re interested, I’ve preserved it here.)  Other (relatively) recent writings include an essay for the book, “James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007,” part of the “Smart Pop” series of anthologies from BenBella Books, and “Spirit of ’74,” an essay for the anthology “Hey Kids, Comics!”   Going back further, a pair of articles I wrote on Superman were exhibited at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, Mass. from January through May, 2002.

Recently, the writing has taken a back seat to my day job as an IT manager at Virginia Commonwealth University, and my commitments as the dad of three amazing kids.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Hope you enjoy your visit here. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Enjoyed your comment on being a evil genius, but I differ on many points. There already are billionaire criminals,, they are called derivative traders. A woman is a vital asset , yes she is smart, beautiful, loving, devoted. PERIOD. True the movies are full of ridiculousness, but who cares , its entertainment. Now mastering that laugh… that where it really pays off. HAAAA HAAAAA!!!!!!

  2. Hi David–

    Great to read your piece on Sailor Bob, and I saw the documentary last night. I’m a bit older than you, so I also have great memories of Sailor Bob as well. Wished I could have made the premiere at the Byrd (had to attend a funeral at the exact same time!).

    Also nice to see the website of another local writer. I do a monthly column for Richmond Family Magazine called “The Dad Zone” (last page of the mag, which I’ve lately started sharing with another writer), so check it out next time you’re in Martin’s or Kroger near the free racks.

    Most important thing to say after visiting your site, though: You’re a copyWRITER, not a “copyrighter.” Ooops!


    Writer/Editor/Communications Consultant

  3. Thanks, Tony. Guess that’s why I’m not an editor. 🙂 Actually, the down side of being so into words is that my “editor” hat is always on. I find myself reading the entire menu in a restaurant, whether I’m interested in the dishes or not, just to find spelling errors. I rarely get done without spotting at least one.

    Maybe I should spend that time proofing my own site. 🙂

    I’ll be sure and check out your magazine. Sailor Bob seems like a natural subject for it; you should feature him!

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