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Monthly Archives: February 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Long ago, before the geeks inherited the Earth, before “Big Bang Theory” ruled the airwaves and superhero movies ruled at the box office, before everyone and his brother had a Dr Who t-shirt, “nerd” was not a label we wore with comfort, let alone bragged about.  Being

Shipping Out (for the Weekend)

Jason and I had an adventure this past weekend as BSA Troop 800 made a weekend outing to Camp Pendleton in Virginia Beach.  Among the highlights was a day trip to the Norfolk Navy base for a guided tour of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore

Valentine’s Chess Weekend

Well, it might not have been the most romantic Valentine’s Day activity, but last weekend’s chess tournament did go well for the Morefields.  Scott won four out of four games to take home the 1st place trophy in the K-5 section.  Going into tournament weekend,

Hitting 50: Wally Wood’s Daredevil

Fifty years ago this month, fans of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil (assuming there were any) found a surprise on the cover of issue #7: a whole new look for the world’s greatest blind superhero courtesy of artist Wally Wood. Daredevil had been launched the year before

Scott is 10 (?!?)

Scott celebrated his tenth birthday last week.  Just for good measure he celebrated 3 times: a party for extended family the weekend before, presents from Mom and Dad and siblings on the actual day and an overnight party with friends the following weekend. Even with most