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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Preserving the Superman Fan site

What seems like a gazillion years ago, I started a fan page dedicated to Superman.  Originally it was just a few static pages devoted to my favorite artists and stories, but when the blogging craze took hold, I transformed it into a blog and labored

More Chess Bragging

The kids continue to be obsessed with chess, and they’re getting better all the time.  This past Monday, they participated in a simultaneous chess demonstration with Grandmaster Sergey Erenburg at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School.  There were about 50 kids (and a few adults) of

It Happened in 1974

At some point in the last few months, I noticed everything happened in 1974. Well, okay so maybe not everything, and certainly not everything good.  In the headlines that year, Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace to avoid impeachment in the wake of the Watergate scandal,