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Yearly Archives: 2011

Remembering Richard

On Sept. 17, I lost a longtime co-worker,  mentor and friend to cancer.  His name was Richard Brumfield. Richard was a complicated guy, and just to make it even more complicated, he was also a simple guy.  A Marine veteran who spent 23 years in

A Day (or 6) At the Beach

Wow, long time no update.  So what else is new?  Not a lot to report, really, except for a fun family trip to Sandbridge with Grandma and Grandpa Jim.  Luckily we missed the Hurricane by a couple of weeks and there wasn’t much sign of

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Well, our little girl is three years old today, and while it seems to have come in the blink of an eye for Mom and Dad, to Grace it’s been an eternity.  She’s been counting down the day for weeks now.  Here’s hoping the day

Update from Ground Zero

For the benefit of anyone who might be interested, I thought I’d relate that the Morefield clan is safe and sound after last Tuesday’s earthquake and this past weekend’s hurricane. Aside from some needed cleanup work in the yard, the only after effect from Irene

All Gussied Up

Critics agreed the most recent season of “America’s Top Model” was something of a letdown.

At the Movies with Captain America

I don’t get out to the movies very often these days.  Partly that’s thanks to the logistics involved in finding a sitter for the kids, but mostly it’s due to my own indifference.  Going to the theater is frankly a drag at this point, what