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Monthly Archives: March 2010

RIP: Old School Heroes

I was upset this week to learn of the death of Robert Culp, one of my favorite TV actors.  I probably first encountered him on “Columbo,” being one of a handful of actors whose strong performances kept him coming back again and again to match

Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man

In the spring of 1973, ABC television aired a made-for-TV adaptation of Martin Caidin’s novel, “Cyborg,” introducing Steve Austin to millions of viewers and launching a 70s pop culture phenomenon. The film opens with ex-astronaut Austin suiting up to pilot an experimental aircraft at a

Weekend Adventures

Scott and I finished up our February sessions of “Side By Side Saturdays” by making shrinky-dinks.  I always let the boys pick out the project they want, and Jason never went for shrinky-dinks, though it was offered every week we went.  I’m not sure why