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Yearly Archives: 2009

Au Revoir, Daddy Bill

I lost my grandfather on November 21st.  Actually, I lost a lot more than that.  I lost a friend, a mentor, a debate partner, an inspiration and one of the pillars of my world. When my arrival made him a grandfather in 1965, William Allen

“Acquital Is Not An Option”

The latest “fun with language” news comes — surprise! — from Wacklyand, D.C. and centers on Attorney General Eric Holder’s plans to try 9/11 villain Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators in civilian court.  In answer to criticisms from Republicans that he risks freeing

Shameless Self-Promotion

Got a note yesterday from Ben Bella books that they’re posting my entire essay from “James Bond in the 21st Century” on their Smart Pop website.  The idea is to drive sales of the book (which has been out for a couple years now) and

Catching Up

Laura says I’d better update this blog soon or people will stop visiting.  So for the approximately 2.3 of you who make this site a regular stop, thanks for hanging in there. We had a few anxious moments week before last when Grace came down

Back from Minnesota

Last Thursday we flew up to Minnesota for an extended weekend visiting relatives.  The boys had lots of fun riding the tire swing at Uncle Nick and Aunt Bernie’s, and visiting with cousins Ben, Sarah and Katie in St. Cloud.  Then it was on to

Scouting With Jason

We signed Jason up for the Cub Scouts last month and so far he’s really digging it. Oaths and pledges to memorize, handshakes and salutes to learn…right up his alley. So far he’s completed all the requirements for his Bobcat badge and he’s plugging away