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Yearly Archives: 2008

Remembering Heather

I must have looked for this photo of my cousin Heather a dozen times in the last two years. I finally stumbled across it by accident in June, just a few days before the anniversary of her death. Today she would have turned 29. There’s

Amazing Grace

Even though it’s our third time around, it never stops being fun watching the lights come on one by one in a baby’s brain as they start recognizing people, studying objects around them, discovering their voices and, best of all, learning to smile and laugh.

Leap of Hope

Well, the voters have spoken and “Hope” trumps a resumé. What the heck, though, maybe it’ll work out. Sometimes the most effective tool a president has is his ability to inspire, or at least reassure. Aside from prodding the Soviet Union into economic and political

Obama And the Politics of Crowds

Between work and a new baby, it’s hard to find the time or energy (or frankly, the interest) to write entries of a political nature here, but I have started several times to jot down my thoughts on the extraordinary spectacle of Obama’s ever-growing cult

Conversations With Jason

Art Linkletter was right, you know; kids really do say the darnedest things. It’s always instructive to hear what’s going on in Jason’s mind, for instance. Lately he’s been piping up with non-sequiturs that make me wonder if he’s actually attempting comedy. A while back

“Look Who’s Irrational Now”

There was a great article recently in the Wall Street Journal about the hypocrisy of avowed atheists painting Christians as superstitious ninnies. Titled “Look Who’s Irrational Now,” the article points out that statistically, atheists are far more likely to believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness