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Yearly Archives: 2005

Time Flies

Things continue to move along at a pretty quick pace in the Morefield household (hence the infrequent updates to this journal!). In October we took the boys up to Ohio to visit Grandma and the cousins and had a great time. Back at home, Jason

More Hi-Jinks

Well, the good news is that at the tender age of two, Jason can already read and write a good many words, including the names for all the colors in his crayon box. The bad news is he did exactly that on the living room

Summer Fun

The boys are enjoying the summer so far, even though it’s been too hot to go out a lot. Cousin Skylar came to visit over Independence Day weekend with his mommy Cousin Toni, and all the boys had a good time. At a local celebration

Life With The Boys

Scott’s coming up on four months old now, and is doing very well. He’s able to roll from front to back and once or twice has gone the other way, too. He can hold his head way up while he’s on his stomach and is

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Jason celebrates his second birthday today, April 15, and he’s thrilled about it. In the weeks leading up to this, we’ve asked him how old he is: “One!” And how old he’s going to be: “Two!” Today any time anyone says, “Happy Birthday,” he answers,

Growing Boys

Things are still hopping at the Morefield residence. Scott did well at his one-month checkup and is putting on weight…he’s nearly up to 11 pounds now. He’s still a little mixed up with his days and nights, though, so Mommy’s not getting a lot of