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Dance Little Sister, Dance

Grace had her dance recital on Wednesday, and all the practice paid off; she did a great job.  Her old class, a couple years ago, was more just a case of “something to do once a week,” with not a lot of real progress.  At that recital, all the girls just watched the teacher and tried to mirror her movements.  This year, her teacher did a much better job and Grace was very much into it.


There was a fun moment after her tap routine; the dance ended with the girls’ hands up in the air in a “Ta-Da!” kind of pose and Grace held it for a long time, even after her partner Abby had gone back to her seat to make room for the next act.  You could tell she was really basking in the applause.  After the recital, the first thing she said was that she wanted to do it again next year.  Always a good sign.


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